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06 January 2003
Added Newsletters and the Winter 2002 Newsletter
29 December 2002
Located DNR no-wake information for Taylor Lake.
27 December 2002
Published the association ordinances.
26 December 2002
Photo of the Month and Your Photo Here are published.
24 December 2002
Added the online viewing version of the Taylor Lake 2002 Water Quality Study.
22 December 2002
The Taylor Lake 2002 Water Quality Study is published.
Added watershed drainage area and soils map to the Maps, Charts, and Photos page.
21 December 2002
Added sesquicentennial 1837 map to the Maps, Charts, and Photos page.
20 December 2002
Added lake depth chart (bottom contours map) to the Maps, Charts, and Photos page.
19 December 2002
Added United States Geological Survey topographic map.
18 December 2002
Added What's New on the Taylor Lake Web Site.  Added the Events Calendar.
17 December 2002
Added Membership and Lake Access page.
16 December 2002
Added Maps, Charts, and Photos page and the Association Boundary Map.
14 December 2002
Reorganized the legal documents and added the Bylaws, Ordinances and Incorporation Papers directory page.
12 December 2002
Added the association Bylaws, Michigan Public Act 137 of 1929 statute, and Attorney General Open Meetings Act opinion.
11 December 2002
Added Board of Trustees contacts information.
09 December 2002
Received permission from Bob Smith at Aerial Graphics to use their photo of the lake on our web site. Added the About the Web Site page.
08 December 2002
Aerial lake photo, Russian satellite photo, and four documents from 1972: Resolution of Incorporation, Registration for Incorporation Election, Ballot for Incorporation Election, Legal Notice of Incorporation Election are all published.
07 December 2002
The Taylor Lake Homeowners' Association web site is born!  Published the initial home page with the hot air balloon on lake photo.
03 December 2002
Rob Bonnell prepares the web site hosting on the Michigan Lakes and Streams Association server.