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After years of "thinking about it" we are finally assembling the Taylor Lake Association web site.

The most important of the associationís thirty years of records and documents will be on the site. These include the original incorporation papers, by-laws, ordinances, meeting minutes, newsletters, lake testing reports, and newspaper articles.

Current information and a list of upcoming events will be provided. These include contact information for the board of trustees, an event and meeting calendar, dues information, and lake maps.

To keep it interesting: some fun stuff, including photographs of activities in and around the lake, nature photographs featuring the lake, and a history of the lake and area.

We have boxes and boxes of records about the lake and association, but if anyone would like to contribute additional information, histories, biographies, photographs (current or historic), suggestions, or complaints, please contact:

Webmaster e-mail: taylor-lake-619@mlswa.org

Tim Green
1731 Taylor Lake Road
Holly, Michigan 48442


When official association or historic documents are added to this web site the contents are transcribed verbatim.† W
ithin the limitations of the available technology, and our publishing skills, the format and fonts of the original documents are retained.

A description, history, or explanation usually precedes a document.† Additional comments or opinions are placed to the left of the document content.† Different fonts (typefaces) are used to delineate the original text from the added comments.

Opinions and editorial content are, or should be, clearly marked as so.† If anything on this web site is inaccurate, incomplete, untruthful, or perhaps should not be published here, please contact us.


We test the site using Netscape Navigator versions 4.02 and 7.0, and Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5.00 and 5.50.† With only minor differences in appearance, just about any browser should be able to view the contents of this site.

The pages are formatted for viewing on an 800 pixel, or wider, display.† The photographs are best viewed on a full color, True Color, or "millions of colors" display.

Only the basic, commonly available, features of html are used.† Other than the browser, the only additional "plug in" needed for viewing some of the content is the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

We try to limit the sizes of the pages and pictures to what can be conveniently transferred using a dial-up (phone) modem.† The Taylor Lake area is beyond the distance limits for a DSL connection, and until the cable company completes upgrading the local system to be cable modem capable, most association members may only have high-speed access to the Internet while at work.† Please be patient while downloading.