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Hickory Ridge is the straight road at the lower-left (southwest). 

Pellett is also at the lower-left, curving around the shoreline, with the Pellett Court loop in the middle, and then ending at the second loop.

Just a little of Bone Road is at the upper-left (northwest). 

Taylor Lake Road is the straight road at the upper-right (northeast). 

Tannock Drive is at the center-right.
Around the shoreline, are swim rafts and beds of rooted macrophytes, that's lake weeds, including areas of lily pads.  It looks like the photo was taken in early fall as there are a few trees turning color at the upper-right (northeast).

Taylor Lake from the air in early fall
Copyright (c) 1993 Aerial Graphics
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Note the wetlands between Pellett and Hickory Ridge; and the lake outflow and wetlands at the lower right (southeast).