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The newsletters published by the association are listed below, most recent first.  Click on the underlined link to view the newsletter.  The newsletters may also be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat pdf format for printing or saving.

Winter 2002

  • Professional Lake Testing Completed in 2002
  • Report of the 2002 Annual General Meeting
  • Taylor Lake Web Site became active in December

Spring 2002

  • Lake Testing Will be Performed This Year
  • Message from President Joni Grob
  • 2002 Annual Meeting Agenda

Summer 2000

  • Goosegate - History and status of the Canada Goose
  • Gypsy Moth spraying update
  • Beach Sanding and Docks
  • FAQ - Riparian property rights

Spring 2000

  • Message from President Joni Grob
  • 2000 Annual General Meeting Agenda
  • Gypsy Moth Spraying is Scheduled for May
  • Foreign Invaders: Zebra Mussels, Purple Loosestrife, Gypsy Moths

Summer 1991

  • Message from President George Fetzer
  • Mike Izzo, Rose Township supervisor speaks at annual association meeting
  • Canada Geese debate at meeting
  • Beach Sanding issues
  • Gypsy Moths expected to invade Taylor Lake area within two years