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Watershed Drainage Area and Soils Map

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This map is from the report of the Taylor Lake Water Quality Study performed by Dr. Wallace Fusilier (Water Quality Investigators) in 2002

Some of the water from precipitation that falls within any of the outlined area will eventually enter the lake either as direct surface run-off or as groundwater.

Nutrients or pollution that are dissolved
in or carried along with the water will also enter the lake.

Some of the concerns of the association are: the impact of Hickory Ridge road and traffic on the wetlands to the west of the lake; the potential
for high density development anywhere in the watershed; and any other activity in this area that could increase the amount of pollution entering the lake.
Watershed Drainage Area and Soils Map   

We are not sure what all the soils listed above are, except that the Houghton & Adrian mucks are definitely wetland soil types.