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This image is from a 1969 United States Geological Survey topographic map. The revisions performed in 1983 are shown in purple. It shows the lake level at 996 feet above sea level. The 1000-foot contour interval is a significant one for the lake. Areas near the lake within the 1000-foot contour are likely to be wet or marginal lands. This contour does a good job of delineating the Hickory Ridge-Pellet wetland to the west of the lake, and the contiguous wetlands to the southeast of the lake.

Within the Taylor Lake watershed area, surface and shallow ground water flows generally from the west and northwest to the southeast.  This is why, although all of the wetlands are important, the quality of the wetlands to the west of the lake is a greater concern since they flow directly into the lake.
USGS Topographic Map

The diagonal line is a pipeline right-of-way.