Taylor Lake Home
Registration for Election Card (1972)

This is the wording of the Registration for Election cards used for the election that resulted in the incorporation of the Taylor Lake Homeowners' Association under the "Act 137" State of Michigan statute.  In the association files are 57 signed registration cards for this election.

Bylaws, Ordinances, and Incorporation Documents

Registration for Election

I do hereby register as a qualified voter to vote in the election to be held September 2, 1972, at Rose Township Hall on Mason Street, Rose Center, Rose Township, Oakland County, Michigan, to determine whether all of such lands described in the notice of said election shall be and become entirely incorporated under the provision of Act 137 of the Public Acts of the State of Michigan for the year 1929, as amended. I swear that I am a freeholder within the territory described in such notice and that I am a qualified voter to vote in such election.

(Signature of Registrant)

(Address of Registrant)

Subscribed and sworn to before me this (day) day of (Month), 1972

(Signature of Member of Registration Committee)