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Submitting Photos, Articles, Clippings

Photo of the Month
Items needed for the Taylor Lake Association web site:
  • Lake recreation photographs, boating, swimming, fishing, having fun
  • Historic photographs and information, places, buildings, and people no longer here
  • Newspaper articles and clippings about the Lake or Association
  • Art work, drawings, watercolors featuring the lake or area
  • Biographies, stories about events or happenings
  • Nature and environmental, pictures of creatures both common and rare to the area
  • Anything that may be of interest to someone living around Taylor Lake

Submitting photographs

Please include:
  • Photographers name
  • Approximate date of the photo
  • Names of the models/subjects, and if the names can be used on the web site
  • Suggested title if you have one in mind
  • A description and any other information about the photograph, event, or subject. This can be in form of a short story

If submitting by e-mail or disk, the picture files can be reduced in size.
Suggested picture format:
  • Reduce width to 640 pixels (the widest we need for the web site)
  • Save as a JPEG, using medium compression
  • For most photographs this will result in a file size from 50 to 100 kilobytes
Suggested article formats:
  • MS Word
  • Text file
  • E-mail text or HTML
  • Typed or handwritten hardcopy if not too long

We can scan prints of photographs, newspaper clippings, and other material but suggest you contact us instead of mailing the item.  We do not want to be responsible for lost memories.  We can arrange to scan and return the material in-person.

Send to:

Webmaster e-mail: taylor-lake-619@mlswa.org

Tim Green

1731 Taylor Lake Road

Holly, Michigan 48442